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We are established scissors and clipper blade sharpening company with more than 15 years experience.

Scissors and Clipper blades sharpening is our specialty at The Original Cutting Edge Company. We understand the difficultly in finding and trusting a reliable sharpening company that will care for your scissor and clippers in a proper manner.


Scissor Sharpening Service

We sharpen scissors in the same way the most famous Japanese manufacturers sharpen their high quality scissors. we use the Ookami Sharpening System, this is the most advanced sharpening system on the market that has been developed to give your scissors the ultimate service.


Clipper Blades Sharpening Service

Blades sharpening is done using hollow ground factory equipment. Our machines are the same type used in the manufacturing of your blades. This guarantees precision and makes blades that cut smoother and stay sharp longer. Blades are disassembled, cleaned, and sharpened to factory specifications. Springs, glides, and sockets are adjusted or replaced (if necessary) at a small extra charge.


Blades are then lubricated and reassembled with the correct tension and alignment.


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